Barbara Wejnert


Professional Development

In general, three mutually reinforcing goals lead my professional development:

  1. research on democracy and global development
  2. research on policies for women and girls empowerment
  3. activism in Pro-democracy Solidarity Movement and in gender empowering initiatives.
The research guided activism focuses on empowerment of women through established personal and institutional networks concerned with facilitation of mutual support between women and girls and the promotion of their economic and political progress, entrepreneurship, advancement of social positions, and educational opportunities.

Outcome of the Democratic Transition in Eastern Europe, in the 1990s.

Monument of Taras Schevchenko, built in Kharkov, in 1935. Photo courtesy of Sergei Zherebkin
A bazaar in Kharkov in 1999. Rows of trading booths in geometrical order. Photo courtesy of Sergei Zherebkin

These two pictures compare a communist monument and, established in its place, a street market in the post-communist Ukraine. They symbolize cultural change in the post-communist democracies, i.e., the replacement of a culture of adoration of political figures (frequently imposed by the communist party) by a material culture, typical of Western, well-developed democracies.

The Collage symbolizes the urgent need for women’s empowerment globally.

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Conference on maternal health in developing countries organized by the UNIFEM, United Nations , Pilani, India 2006.
Conference on new democracies and women's empowerment in 2008, in Torun, Poland
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